FGM Exhibition at Nairn 23rd November to 10th December 2018

Last year, Julie Fielding and I  curated an exhibition  in Nairn Community Centre featuring local artists work  downstairs and a small FGM exhibition upstairs. We invited artists to submit work and had some interesting responses to FGM and some lovely paintings and photographs which were for sale.





Local Artists Exhibition

Jackie Thomson, Andy How and William Mather were amongst the local artists who showed work for sale.


Magenta Dahlias.
Jackie Thomson
Winter Snow, Glenn Eanaich. William Mather
Kelpies On Tour. Andy How

F.G.M. Exhibition

The F.G.M. exhibition included some of my work, paintings and sculpture from other artists, a mandala and a couple of information boards. Artists featured were: Miami Mohsin, Annie Muskus, Christine Partridge, Anne Dalton, Jackie Thomson, Mel Shewan, Therese Muskus, Sue Beveridge, Karen Shewan

Torso. Miami Mohsin

3ladies. Annie Muskus
Jewels. Karen Shewan
Mandala. Therese Muskus
Wounded Beauty. Christine Partridge

F.G.M. Cross-Stitch Sue Beveridge

Images of the exhibition can be found at:



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