Alzheimer Scotland – Bread Dough Workshops

Dough Workshop  Alzheimer Scotland

Seamans Hall, Nairn 

Tuesday 21st March 1.30 to 3.30pm

We had 6 participants who came with their carers. There was a lot of support workers too from Alzheimer Scotland. 

The first thing I realised that was different from other workshops I have done was that with these clients, one to one, is really quite essential so it was great we had a few support workers there to help. 

For me this was a learning curve as I haven’t worked with dementia participants before. So there were things I was learning as I went along. One of the support workers suggested I do the online ‘dementia friendly’ course to get more insight into the condition and how to respond to it. 

The dough in the end became a bit superfluous as I looked around  people were generally just chatting and smiling , maybe unconsciously playing with a bit of dough. I see this as the dough facilitates people interacting and feeling comfortable. The dough maybe acts as a useful distraction when they are losing concentration on the conversation.  It gives people something to do with their hands if the conversations are difficult or uncomfortable thus lowering the intensity. Its relaxing and de-stressing. 


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